ship Analysis

Plug-in for Rhino

RhinoHyd is a hydrostatic and stability analysis program integrated within Rhinoceros® as a plug-in module to provide a seamless interface to hydrostatic analysis functions.  Its purpose is to provide a low cost aid to solving some of the basic ship stability and hydrostatic problems confronted by marine architects and designers.

Everything from dinghies to tankers can be analyzed by directly using Rhino surfaces as input without the need for complicated and time consuming file transfers.  With just the touch of a button, the accuracy of results can also be spot checked in any configuration using Rhino’s hydrostatic analysis.

Software capability

Intact Statical Stability plots

  • Righting arm.
  • Righting moment.
  • Area under righting curve.
  • A user defined heel curve.
  • Area under user defined heel curve.
  • Difference between area under righting and heel curves.
  • Trim.
  • Points of interest.



Cross Curves of Stability Analysis

                                Sectional Area Curve Analysis

                                HULL BALANCE




      Hydrostatic Curves of Form Analysis

  • Displacement.
  • Beam.
  • Waterline length.
  • Longitudinal center of force.
  • Longitudinal metacentric height.
  • Transverse metacentric height.
  • Vertical center of buoyancy.
  • Wetted surface area.
  • Waterplane area.
  • Midship area.
  • Block coefficient.
  • Prismatic coefficient.
  • Waterplane coefficient.
  • Midship coefficient.
  • Vertical prismatic coefficient.
  • Immersion.
  • Moment to change trim.

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