GZ & Heel plots

Multiple GZ or RM curves may be plotted along with user specified heel curves.  A worksheet dialog is provided to aid in the creation of heel curves for wind, lifting, towing, crowding, turning, or a user supplied formula.

Many plot editing options are provided such as the area calculation between user defined curve intersection points to aid in establishing stability criteria compliance.

Trim & POI

Trim angle and points of interest plots

Calculated during stability analysis.

cross curves

plot gz for up to 10 displacements values

curves of form

plot 17 hydrostatic values

• Displacement                           • Z Center of Buoyancy

• Beam                                         • Block Coefficient

• Waterline Length                     • Midship Coefficient

• Waterplane Area                     • Prismatic Coefficient

• Wetted Surface Area               • Waterplane Coefficient

• Midship Area                            • Vertical Prismatic Coeff.

• Longitudinal GM                      • Immersion

• Transverse GM                        • Moment to Trim

• Longitudinal Center of Floatation


hull static balance

Three input variables are chosen and specified.  The remaining variables will then have their values calculated.  Multiple values for the variables may be submitted as a batch and the results plotted.

After the values are calculated, the user can choose which variables to display,and on which axis.